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Services and Classes Offered

• Active Shooter Response Options for Civilians-Basic Level- (3 hours) (designed for ALL employee levels) offers:

  • -A review of historic active shooter events and what valuable information has been learned from them.

  • -A review of statistical data regarding active shooter incidents.

  • -A comprehensive review of the nationally recognized Active Shooter Response concepts to increase your chances of survival should you find yourself involved in an active shooter event.

  • -Basic Life-Saving techniques for Combat Aid/Self-aid/buddy-aid. Stop the Bleed certified.      

Active Shooter/Assailant Response Options for Civilians-Executive/Management Level- (4-Hours) (designed for Executive/Management Level employees) offers:

  • -A comprehensive in-depth review of the information covered in the Basic Level class PLUS

  • -An in-depth discussion on Emergency Action Plans (EAP’s) for businesses including guidance for creation of EAP’s.

  • -A brief discussion regarding current technology available for Active Shooter incidents.

Emergency Action Plan review and discussion- (1-Hour) (designed for Executive/Management level employees) offers:Active Shooter Response Drills (2 Hour-Standard):

Tactical Edge instructors will review your current Emergency Action Plan (EAP) specific to Active Shooter/Assailant and offer recommendations based on current National Best Practices.  If you do not currently have an EAP for Active Shooter/Assailant, our instructors will provide guidance on how to create one.


Active Shooter/Assailant Response Table-Top Training Exercise (2-Hours-Standard) (designed for Executive/Supervisory Level employees):

  • Tactical Edge Training will immerse students in a mental Active Shooter scenario to evaluate and guide the decision making and thought processes involved in an Active Shooter situation.This table-top exercise will be conducted by a Tactical Edge moderator and Tactical Edge evaluators for the best over-all experience.

Active Shooter/Assailant Response Drills (2-Hours-Standard):

Tactical Edge Training will have students participate in drills designed to re-enforce and demonstrate the tactics and skills covered in the course.These Drills are not to be confused with a scenario.Drills are small scale exercises while a scenario is a large-scale production that incorporates all facets of an event.Since this is a dynamic environment class size for each session is limited to 20 students.Since each session only takes about 2-hours to conduct, up to four sessions (80 people) can be held in one training day.   

Capabilities Assessment (4-Hours- Standard; 2-Hours compilation and 2-Hours Presentation):

The client will complete an online questionnaire designed by Tactical Edge.Based on the answers provided, Tactical Edge will provide the client with an Assessment of their Capabilities (specific to Active Shooter/Assailant events) based on current “National Best Practices”.Upon completion of the Assessment, Tactical Edge Instructor(s) will come to your organization and present the assessment to your selected members (typically Executive Leadership/Management) due to the nature of the information contained.The on-site presentation is allotted 2-hours.

Active Shooter/Assailant Response Drills (2-Hours-Standard):

Tactical Edge Instructors will guide students through several small drills which are designed to practice a particular component of the overall response strategy.

In-Depth De-brief of the Parkland Incident (2-Hours-Standard):

Tactical Edge Instructors will take you inside the Parkland School Shooting.With “inside” footage and knowledge about what happened that day.We will take a look at the shooter and the response.What “worked” and what didn’t?More importantly, we will look at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Commission, stood up by then Governor Rick Scott to investigate the Parkland shooting.We will discuss with the client what that commissions finding were and the potential legislative and legal impacts to your organization.

De-escalation and Conflict Resolution (1 or 2-Hours- Standard):

Tactical Edge Instructors will teach students various methods and techniques for de-escalating potentially violent situations BEFORE they turn violent.This block of instruction can be one or two hours depending on the client’s preference.

Observation and Visual Search Tactics (1-Hour-Standard):

Tactical Edge Instructors will discuss various “clues” on things such as “how to detect potentially hidden weapons on a person’s body” and “what does surveillance look like”.Instructors will spend time looking at some of the most common mistakes with Situational Awareness.

Stop the Bleed Certification (2-Hours- Standard):

Tactical Edge Instructors are all “certified” instructors in Stop the Bleed.  Instructors will walk students through the most common types of injuries sustained in an Active Shooter/Assailant event and how to provide potentially life-saving medical aid to yourself or someone in need.  Students who successfully complete this class will receive a Certificate of Completion in Stop the Bleed.

Personal Security and Security Staff Training

Tactical Edge Training offers a variety of training options for personal security/defense as well as, security staffs.  These training classes can be customized to your particular organization/group.  Below are some of the topics that can be covered.  If you do not see something that you are interested in, please ask as we can probably provide it.

  • Weapon Retention Tactics (2-hours)

  • Basic Hand-cuffing Tactics (1-hour)

  • Building Clearing/Room Entry Tactics (1-hour)

  • Observation and Visual Search Tactics** (1-hour)

  • De-escalation/Conflict Resolution** (2-hour)

  • Basic Defensive Tactics (2-hours)

A) Ground Recovery

B) Defense against the “Sucker Punch”

C) Escapes from most common Body Locks (Bear hug front and rear-over and under the arms)

D) Headlock prevention

  • Ground Fighting (Ground Defense) (2-hours)

A) Headlock/Scarfold Escapes

B) Cross Side Control Escapes

C) Mount Escapes

  • Ground Fighting (Ground Control) (2-hours)

A) Prone Back Control

B) Handle Bar (Variations)

C) 3 and 4 point Pin

D) Arm Wrap from Mount

E) Knee Ride

  • Anti-Ambush Tactics (2-hours)

  • Close Quarter Tactics for the Concealed Carry Permit Holder (Please ask for more details if interested).


** Please note: the above services are only offered when combined to create a minimum 3-hour training package.  The Maximum training hours for one training day are 7-hours.** 

REALTOR® SAFETY - Staying Alive on the Job!

The goal of this course is to instill safety awareness and habits as second nature so that real estate professionals—as well as their clients and customers—know how to avert or respond to dangerous situations and avoid harm as they practice their profession.

Learning Objectives


  • Motivate real estate professionals to realize their exposure to risks.

  • Follow safety best practices when showing property, conducting an open house, working in the office, and driving alone or with clients or customers.

  • Learn how to quickly assess a potentially dangerous situation and take appropriate action.

  • Safeguard your own and your clients’ personal data, as well as practice prudent use of social media and mobile phone technology.

  • Encourage all agents and employees to follow safety best practices and company safety policies.

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