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“I have been to a lot of training classes over the years and I just wanted to tell you that the class you taught this today was, by far, the best one I have ever attended. By far.” – Cindy G

“You immediately captured and held the full attention of every member of our team.” –John G.

Resources & Downloads

Tactical Edge Training Consultants Inc. offers a collection of information, product listings and resources. 

Active Shooter Presentation

Our program is a compilation of proven techniques for civilians to employ in an Active Shooter situation.

Security Assessment

A comprehensive in-depth review of Emergency Action Plans for businesses including guidance creating EAP’s.

Reports and Documents

 View Reports and Documents available to help prepare your organization's active shooter strategies and policy.

Our Mission

Tactical Edge Training Consultants Inc. has been training local, state and federal law enforcement officers since 2001. In addition to law enforcement, the company provides advanced training to the public sector in the areas of safety and leadership. Tactical Edge Training is comprised of a cadre of (state certified) current and active law enforcement officers, offering years of experience. Professionalism is the key to our success! 

Our Training
Active Shooter Response Options for Civilians

Our Active Shooter Response Options for Civilians class offers a comprehensive review of nationally recognized response options should you find yourself involved in an Active Shooter situation.  Our program is a compilation of proven techniques for civilians to employ in these situations. 

The program combines the nationally recognized concepts with our extensive tactics knowledge in an easy to understand format and presents them in a manner that will touch you both emotionally and mentally.

Instructors individually have over twenty (20) years of Law Enforcement tactical experience and incorporate their vast knowledge of tactics and self-defense principles into this remarkable training experience.  We are not simply classroom academics, but rather, practitioners in the field with a unique perspective gained from managing and dealing with Active Shooter situations.

School Resource Officer Training

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Training is a dynamic, innovative and flourishing. This 8 hour basic knowledge course offers the student (certified law enforcement officers)  with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to implement crime prevention programming in a school setting. The student will learn the following:

  • History of the School Resource Officer Programs

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the SRO

  • How to successfully incorporate the duties of Law Enforcement, Education and Counseling in the school setting.

  • Working with School Administration and Staff

Classes will be instructed by State of Florida Certified instructors that currently work with the Office of the Florida Attorney General on delivering the 40 hour basic, intermediate and advanced courses.

REALTOR® Safety 101

Selling real estate is a fun and rewarding job. However, it can be extremely dangerous if you are not aware of the warning signs that my exist. Showing a house with an unknown stranger can lead to disaster. In this 4-hour course, the student will learn the following:

  • How to properly research your potential client through apps, internet and more...

  • Standard operating procedures to ensure your safety at a showing or open house

  • Common items or tools that can be used as improvised weapons if an attack occurs

  • Basic hands-on skills that ANY agent can use to combat an attacker

  • Should I get a license to carry a gun? Pro and Cons will be discussed

Classes will be instructed by State of Florida Certified Police officers (and Real Estate Agents/Brokers) that currently work in the field in both real estate and law enforcement. Instructors are authorized to instruct through National Association of Realtors.


Early Recognition and Rapid Response

No one just snaps. Adults don’t snap; kids don’t snap. The research in the area of threat assessment and violence prevention consistently point to the same keyconcept: violence is a process,



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